Childless couples may soon be able to carry out a £1,000 fertility treatment in the privacy of their own home for as little as £40, thanks to the world’s first DIY fertilisation kit.

— Sara Malm

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The Baby Home Kit

The Baby Home Kit is a revolutionary new product that will enable couples to perform assisted reproduction at home. So for the first time in history, there will be a reliable remedy for infertility that will be available at a low cost. Read more in this great article in the Mail on Sunday. The Kit is still in development and should be available within the next years.

Baby Home Kit is a German company based in Unterhaching, which is close to Munich. It was founded by Dr. Marion Vollmer, a biomedical scientist, and Daniel Wilson, a software startup specialist and movie producer. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dr. Vollmer performed groundbreaking work in the fields of fertility and medical devices. You can read her latest scientific article, “Turning the Corner in Fertility”, here.

Why hasn’t anybody done this before? Because fertility treatments have always required processed sperm which only fertility clinics could prepare. But Dr. Vollmer invented and patented the Baby Home Kit device, a simple device for sperm preparation that enables anyone to purify sperm at home.

It will be easy to use: Collect the sperm, inject it into the Baby Home Kit device, wait a short while, extract the purified sperm and then inject it into the uterus. The Baby Home Kit includes all the equipment you need to do this at home. Initially, we will have your midwife or OB assist you with the procedure, but eventually, you will be able to use the Baby Home Kit at home without any assistance.

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November 2018

Meet Daniel at the MEDICA 2018 in Düsseldorf. Interested in talking to him? Contact him at

February 2017

Meet us at the Kinderwunsch Tage in Berlin and listen to Marion’s presentation about the role of sperm in assisted reproduction.

November 2016

The Baby Home Kit has been featured in the Mail on Sunday. Read the article here.

October 2016

Baby Home Kit has been announced as a quarter-finalist at the Beanstalk Competition at the Giant Healthcare Event in London on November 16th-19th.

Read the latest article about the Baby Home Kit in the Red Bulletin, an international men’s active style magazine powered by Red Bull featuring breathtaking stories beyond the ordinary.

Preparing for the National Fertility Awareness Week in the UK. Come and see us at the Fertility Show in London on November 5th and 6th.

September 2016

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Baby Home Kit is an ambitious and innovative start-up company with a fresh approach to finding a scientifically-engineered solution to the worldwide challenge of infertility. Our goal is it to make fertility treatments accessible to couples worldwide, independent of their wealth and location.

The company was founded by Dr. Marion Vollmer, a biomedical scientist who received her PhD in embryology and stem cell research from the Technical University in Munich, Germany, and Daniel Wilson, a software consultant specializing in startups,  and a movie producer with extensive entrepreneurial experience. Together, we bring 50 years of experience in a wide variety of fields including biomedical research, medical device development, video production, app and software development, marketing and entrepreneurship. Baby Home Kit is supported by an international team of advisors with expertise in business, science, medicine and entrepreneurship.

  • Daniel Wilson CEO

    Revolutionary Entrepreneur
    Passionate Movie Producer
    Perfectionist Writer

  • Dr. Marion Vollmer CTO

    Dedicated Scientist
    Kids Lover
    Creative Mind

  • Advisory Board

    Baby Home Kit’s Advisory Board includes experts in the areas of business, legal, entrepreneurship, science and medicine.



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