Advisory Board

    Doris Bengel, PhD
    Safety Officer, Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging, Helmholtz Zentrum München – Munich, Germany
    Dr. Doris Bengel is a biologist who has worked with mouse models displaying male infertility phenotypes and thus has a deep understanding of the science behind the Baby Home Kit device.

    Heike Dickgreber-Foeller
    Senior Vice President – Regional Business Support, Fresenius Kabi Asia Pacific Ltd – Hongkong, China
    Heike Dickgreber-Foeller is an expert in business development in the medical device industry. Her extensive expertise allows her to provide advice to Baby Home Kit in a variety of different business areas.

    Gerrit Huy
    Business Consultant – Inning, Germany
    Gerrit Huy is an economist, mathematician and physicist. She was the first female board member of a Daimler Benz subsidiary, as well as CEO of Compaq Computer Deutschland and CEO of Beta-Research GmbH. With her invaluable business experience and knowledge she supports Baby Home Kit’s fundraising activities.

    Katharina Merz, PhD
    Innovation Manager, Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. KG – Neuwied, Germany
    Dr. Katharina Merz has a background in biochemistry and now works as an Innovation Manager for a medical devices company. She supports Baby Home Kit by providing business advice and helps to expand our network in the MedTech industry.

    Simon Vollmer
    Owner, hour1 – Munich, Germany
    Simon Vollmer is an IT architect with an extensive background in entrepreneurship. He knows what investors want and provides Baby Home Kit with invaluable business advice.

    Adrianus van den Berg, PhD
    Patent Attorney Candidate – df-mp – Munich, Germany
    Dr. Adrianus van den Berg is a patent attorney candidate who oversees Baby Home Kit’s patent applications. His background in microfluidics is particularly invaluable when it comes to evaluating and protecting Baby Home Kit’s technology and IP.