Dr. Marion VollmerCTO

    Marion is co-Founder of Baby Home Kit and the CTO. She is a full-time entrepreneur dedicated to bringing highly innovative medical products to market.

    Marion provides interdisciplinary knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics together with an in-depth understanding of complex technological setups.

    After working in the chemical industry for several years, Marion studied life sciences focusing on molecular biology, human genetics and immunology. During her PhD thesis at the Helmholtz Center Munich she specialized in embryology and stem cell research and received her PhD in 2010 from the Technical University in Munich.

    She moved on to work at the Faculty of Physics at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich where she worked with several applications of nanotechnology to study cellular processes like intra-cellular transport and cell movement. At the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Toronto she became an expert in microfluidics for medical solutions and was a member of the inventor team of a microfluidic device for sperm preparation for assisted reproduction.

    After leaving Toronto, Marion developed a medical device for sperm preparation that was specially designed for commercialization and home usage. This device is the centerpiece of the Baby Home Kit.